Set of 6 Multishade Brown Color Agate Stone knobs with Golden electroplated Edges


● >> 100% Handmade in India made by using ancient techniques.
● >> Protruded screw length is 2 inch — Average Diameter is 2 inch & Thickness of knobs is 5 mm
● >> Can be used as Kitchen Knobs
● >> Can be used as Wardrobe door knob
● >> A very unique knob design made from semi precious stone

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This is the Multishade Brown colored Agate stone knobs. A golden electroplating is provided on the edges . These knobs will include some natural occurring imperfection that is also the proof of the authenticity of product. Though all the knobs will be chosen at random from lot within the specified range of size, most of the knobs will match the pattern as shown. You may use them anywhere in your home or office. It will brighten up your home and will give you the perfect finish and positive vibrations.