Blue Grey Shade Agate Stone knobs for Cabinet Doors and Drawers (10, Silver Electroplated Borders)


● Handmade Knobs made from genuine agate stone of India
● Protruded screw length is 2 inch — Average Diameter is 2 inch — Thickness of knobs is 5 mm
● Can be used as Kitchen Knobs
● Can be used as Wardrobe door knob
● A very unique knob design made from semi precious stone

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Item Package Quantity: 10  |  Color Name: SIlver Electroplated Borders

We have produced these unique knobs from Agate stone slices. These knobs comes in many different shapes and sizes. The knobs are introduced with the different colors for many days and a natural pattern develops over the agate stone slice. Then we convert these slices into the beautiful knobs. One more unique property of these knobs are that they are all varying in shape. You will never find two agate stone knobs with exact same shape and profile because the shape of stones from which they are cut are all different from each other naturally. This makes these knobs more unique than any other. These are the blue-gray shade Agate stone knobs. A Golden or Silver electroplating is provided on the edges to give it a shiny look. Following are the sizes of these knobs: Average Diameter : 2 inch Thickness : 0.2 inch Protruded Length of screw : 2 inch These knobs will include some natural occurring imperfection that is also the proof of the authenticity of product. All the knobs will be chosen at random from lot within the specified range of size.