Pack of 4 Chandelier Crystal Chinese Knot Style Pendants Rainbow Octogon Chakra Suncatcher for Decoration


● It is great decoration for chandeliers and bead curtain bottom pendant,when the sunlight or lighting hit’s the crystal glass prisms pendants,it will throw the sunlight or lighting into rich and bright rainbows, make beautiful light refraction round the room.
● Each crystal glass Chinese Knob chandelier prisms measures 2.45″/62mm height and includes six 0.5″/14mm top jewel octagon beads,and has a total hang of appx 225mm/8.86″, connected with stainless jump rings.
● The crystal chandelier prisms pendants are made with K9 crystal glass ,no plastic or acrylic.Its very smooth,sparkling, hard and shiny. Don’t scratch so easily.No fading or blackening.
● Where they can be used:great chandelier crystals,bead curtain bottom pendant,lamp, suncatchers, crystal strands,art projects.
● Factory supply directly,top quality and reasonable price.

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Product Name: Chandelier Crystals Chinese Knob Shaped Prisms Chains

The Lengh of Whole Product: 250mm/10″×4

Quantity:: 4 PCS.

Product Material: K9 Crystal, Not Acrylic Not Plastic

Features: Work well for sun catchers, splatter the sunshine into rainbows, and makes a romantic atmosphere.