2.5M/8.2 Feet Clear Crystal Glass Bead Chain, Clear Crystal Glass Chandelier Bead Chain,Clear Crystal Glass Lamp Chain for Wedding Party Tree Garlands Decoration,Chandelier Decoration,La


● The crystal glass octagon beads chain are made with K9 crystal ,not plastic, not acrylic.The crystal glass strands are very pure, smooth and sparkling,when the sunlight or lighting hit’s the crystal glass pendants,it will throw the sunlight or lighting into rich and bright rainbows, make beautiful light refraction round the room.
● The crystal glass strands are held together by metal rings, and the total length is about 2.5M/8.2 Feet.So it is easy to adjust strands to be as long or short as your demand.And there are 10 pieces metal hooks supplied.
● The clear crystal glass beads chains include 86 pieces crystal octagon beads and 15 pieces crystal glass snowflakes.The size and shape are shown in the images.
● The crystal beads chain garland is great decoration for crystal chandelier, lamp,candlestick, bead curtain, wedding focus, home & garden decoration, art project, DIY jewelry chandelier decoration accessories.
● Our glass crystal strands are supplied by factory directly,they are top quality and reasonable price.

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Product Name: Chandelier Crystals Glass Octagon Beads and Snowflake Chains

The Lengh of Whole Product: 2.5M/8.2 Feet

Quantity:: 1 Piece.

Product Material: K9 Crystal, Not Acrylic Not Plastic

Features: Work well for sun catchers, splatter the sunshine into rainbows, and makes a romantic atmosphere.